A caterpillar (of the moth Shark (Cucullia umbratica, Grauwe Monnik in Dutch)) crossing the bicycle path near Beek Ubbergen. Filmed july 27th 2008.

A male Dark Bush-cricket (Pholidoptera griseoaptera, Bramensprinkhaan in Dutch) stridulating in our back garden on July 13th 2009.

A stridulating Field Grasshopper (Chortippus brunneus, Bruine Sprinkhaan in Dutch) in our back garden on July 24th 2010. See also the diary entry for that date.

A dragonfly (Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum, Bruinrode Heidelibel in Dutch)) emerges from a larval skin (2 times speed). Filmed in our back garden on August 30th 2010.

A praying mantis (Iris oratoria) in our back garden on September 4th 2010. See also the September 4th 2010 diary entry.

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