Nieuwe Voorstad, December 2009 - ?

December 28th 2009: After reading a short article in local newspaper Dé Weekkrant De Brug Nijmegen about the first construction work being done for project Nieuwe Voorstad in Nijmegen, I wrote an email to project developer Strukton Bouw asking them about the possibilities of incorporating Swift nest bricks.

January 7th 2010 I called the head office as I didn't get a response to my email. I got the email address of someone involved in the project and emailed that person. I received a response the same day telling me the initial email ended up with a collegue and they had already looked around on some websites and read about placing several nest bricks near eachother as Swifts like to nest in eachothers company. I emailed my contact some information about distances, types of nest boxes, entrance openings and such.

Some time in March 2010 I received a phone call of the collegue of my contact. He asked for a drawing showing how nest bricks should be placed which I sent him through email the next day.

On April 1st 2010 I received an email telling me work on the masonry would probably start in the beginning of 2011. Also included was a drawing of both the South and North fa&ccdedil;ades. 9 Nest bricks were included in a blind wall of the North fa&ccdedil;ade. My contact thought the lowest three nest bricks were probably located too low as there's a flat roof about 2 metres below the nest entrances.


April 4th 2010 I sent an email to my contact letting him know the lowest three nest bricks should indeed be moved upward. I suggested two rows of five bricks and let him know two rows of ten bricks would also be possible and something I would of course love to see realized.

To be continued!

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