A very, very short video of a Goldcrest... Filmed at Wylerberglake on december 29th 2008.See also the diary entry of december 28th 2008.

A Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) eating old brambles. Filmed at Wylerberglake on december 29th 2008. See also the diary entry of december 28th 2008.

A Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos minor), filmed in forest Duivelsberg on december 28th 2008. See also the diary entry of december 28th 2008.

A Red-Necked Grebe that has just caught a fish. Filmed during a Bird Workgroup Nijmegen excursion to Ijmuiden on december 13th 2008.

A short video of a couple of Fieldfares (Turdus pilaris) enjoying some apples in a valley only 5 minutes from our house. Filmed on november 19th 2008.

A group of Cormorants hunting in the 'Oude Waal' on september 19th 2008.

A large group of Geese passing over the dyke to land in the 'Oude Waal' on september 19th 2008. On the shore a large group of Cormorants and a bunch of Spoonbills.

An Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) hunting above the 'Oude Waal' in the Ooijpolder near Nijmegen on september 19th 2008. The sound quality is very poor, both due to the wind and the noisy cars, but it might be worthwile to turn on the sound for the second dive so as to hear the splash. A photograph of the Osprey can be found in the Birds page of the pictures and videos section.

On the Might of Princes playing on the 20 year anniversary party of the Goudvishal, a former venue in Arnhem, the Netherlands, on april 25th 2004. The 20 year anniversary party didn't take place in the Goudvishal itself though, but in the Musis Sacrum, also in Arnhem. This video shows a bit (the ending) of the song "For Meg", one of my fav songs by this band. The video was taken by Kevin from I can be seen for a sec as well, skinny guy with a sleeveless shirt and a tattoo on the upper arm. :) Thanx Kevin for taking this! It still gives me goosebumps, regardless of the not-so-great (...) sound quality. Too bad this band called it quits in 2004, I'm glad I got to see them before that though... Check out the entire song on if you want.

European Beaver (Castor fiber) eating bark. Filmed in the beginning of the evening, when Beavers get active. Filmed may 4th 2006.

A Woodcock performing it's courtship flight above campsite Seedune on the Dutch Waddensea island Schiermonnikoog. Filmed june 8th 2006.

Swifts circling above the centre of Nijmegen in preparation for their stay high up in the sky during the night on july 10th 2006.

A Red Squirrel preening. Video made in the so-called Filosofendal, a beautiful piece of forest near Beek that has a lot of streams running through it. Filmed may 25th 2008.

An ichneumon wasp, about 2 cm long, laying eggs, probably on beetle larvea, in the dead wood of a piece of log in our backyard. Note how she uses the thin ovipositor in a rather 'careless' way. The ovipositor is kept in the long sheath when not in use that points backwards regardless of the ovipositor being in use or not. Filmed july 6th 2008.

A caterpillar (Shark, Cucullia umbratica) crossing the bicycle path near Beek Ubbergen. Filmed july 27th 2008.

An ichneumon wasp on Hogweed. Note the white tipped ovipositor-sheeth. And the bird calls! :) Filmed august 9th 2008.

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